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Ardmore High School Athletics Core Beliefs

Mission Statement

The Athletics Department hopes to establish a culture of academic and athletic excellence that permeates throughout the Ardmore community, student body, faculty, and parents.

Vision Statement

The Athletics Department aims to develop tough-minded student-athletes who are willing to develop as individuals, serve their neighbors, and be the best versions of themselves.


Sweat Equity: Sports are tough. Sports are the epitome of life. Be willing to sweat, bleed, and work hard. Stay late, sacrifice, do what it takes to be successful.

Be the Solution: In high school athletics, problems happen. Be willing to solve those problems. Form positive relationships. Serve and support each other.

Value People: Respect people while also earning respect. Listen, serve, communicate. Do the unexpected for each other.

Empower People!

Enjoy it: Smile, Laugh, Encourage. Have Fun!

Character Matters: Exemplify integrity and high morals. Make great decisions. Set the example. We are in the business of influencing people, do so by being extraordinary.


Ardmore Tiger Head

Welcome to Ardmore High School

Where every day we Tiger UP!


Each sport and schedule should be listed on this page. As you scroll down you will see each sport, you should be able to click on a certain sport to go to that page. Let us know if you would like to see other items on the page.

Our Coaches

AHSAA has launched its new website with DragonFly that reports scores for all of our teams and our rosters in ONE location. Check it out by clicking here.



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Will Jarrett, Assistant Principal, Athletics Director

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