Updated Flu Information
Health Hero Vaccine Clinic

Dear Parents,

The Health Hero Clinic will be giving vaccines here at Ardmore High on September 9, 2020. If you have a student in the 6th or 12th Grade that is in need of flu vaccine they will be able to get one here at the school, provided they have a signed consent form by their parent/guardian. If you wish for your child to be vaccinated please complete and sign the consent form and return the form to me no later thaTuesday, September 8th, 2020. , If you have any questions please contact the school nurse at 256-423-2685. If your child is covered by PEEHIP-Health Hero cannot provide vaccinations for your child.


Thank YOU,


Glenda Malone, LPN
School Nurse, Ardmore High School

Form is just below, click to download.

Jessica Elkins
Read Her Story
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15-Year-Old Jessica Elkins
Jessica was young, vibrant, athletic, energetic until she was sick with flu like symptoms.  She was a local girl, born and raised in Athens, AL where her parents today have worked to spread the word about how Jessica died.

Scoliosis Screening Will begin the month of February. Students have been given the scoliosis forms to bring home for your consent.  However, if you didn't received a form it can be download just below this note.  Forms should be turned in no later than February 10, 2020

Thank you,

Nurse Malone

Scoliosis Screening & Information Form

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