Pride of the State Line

5th-Grade Band Registration

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2019-2020 Drum Line


Cade Burt – Percussion Section Leader

Dalton Richardson

Harrison Perez

Nathan DeJarnett



Sam Shelton – Captain

Kyle Johns



1. Logan Colbert

2. Skiler Bradley

3. Brayan Guevara

4. Brody Smith - Captain

2019-2020 Student Leadership

Drum Major - Caleb Wales

Field Conductor - Allison Broadway

President - Laura Magnusson

Vice-President - Mollie Walker

Secretaries - Zoe Nye & Vivi Parker

Librarians - Ariana Garcia, Jon Ellis Holt, Abby Nye, & Harrison Perez

Equipment Managers - JJ Rodriguez & Matthew Sanders

Uniform Manager - Zoe Nye

(Uniform Manager will be responsible for all uniform needs and coordinating with Uniform Reps on section members uniform needs. Uniform Reps will be responsible for checking all uniforms have correct pieces and are hung/put away properly)



Section Leaders

Flute - Kaleigh Bohannan & Kylie Clark

Uniform Rep - Vivi Parker


Clarinet - Preslee Burke & Katelyn Nash

Uniform Reps - Dega Bryant, Hannah Moran, & Olivia King


Saxophones - J.J. Rodriguez & Ariana Garcia

Alto Captains - Mallory Beddingfield & Emma Lozada

Uniform Reps - Michael Coleman, Sidney Graviet, & Amelia McCurry


Trumpet - Allison Broadway & Mary Kalynn Howard

Uniform Reps - Madison Little & Emma Payne


Horn - Abby Best

Uniform Reps - Anna Payne


Low Brass Uniform Reps - Abby Nye & Jon Ellis Holt


Trombone - Jacob Rolin & Owen George


Baritone - Grace Wright


Tuba - Matthew Sanders & Ethan Wright


Front Ensemble - Nich Baker, Olivia Coble, & Tyden Kortman

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We'll use Cut Time for communication, volunteer opportunities, financial obligations, and more!

New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade
2019 New York City St. Patrick's Parade Participant!!!
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