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Senior High Scholar's Bowl

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High School Scholar's Bowl

Club Purpose/Mission Statement: 

The mission of the scholars bowl team is to give students the chance to compete in a scholarly setting.  Scholars bowl helps to build each participants self-confidence and create lasting friendships.

  Description of Club Activities:  

  1. Meetings / Practices will be held after school.
  2. Practice will consist of answering practice questions, practice on the buzzer system and scrimmaging among the team.
  3. Two scholars bowl competitions will be attended.

   Membership Requirements: 

  1. Must be in grades 9-12
  2. Must meet requirements according to LimestoneCounty Board Policy.
  3. An announcement is made for anyone who is interested in Scholars Bowl to sign-up and try-out.  Everyone interested in participating is allowed to try-out.  Team is limited to ten members and only six may compute during tournaments.    
  4. Must have acceptable conduct at school, school related events and competitions.  Students must have a satisfactory scholastic record.

   Officer Positions: Captain—Sponsor chosen – based on student who demonstrated leadership ability, academic ability and responsibility.  Club/Organization Contact Person: Ashley Daly