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Junior High Beta Club

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Club Purpose/Mission Statement:

“A non-profit, leadership-service club for grades seven and eight whose purpose is to encourage effort and reward merit, and to promote those qualities of character that make for good citizenship.”


Description of Club Activities:

  1. Jr. Beta Club meets every club day.
  2. Jr. Beta conducts various fundraising drives yearly.
  3. Jr. Beta Club State Convention is held annually in the month of March. All Jr. Beta Club members are invited to attend.

Membership Requirements:

“Membership is a privilege and not a right. The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be: a) worthy, moral and ethical character, b) good mentality, c) creditable achievement, and d) commendable attitude. All students must be performing on or above grade level.”

  1. Ardmore Jr. Beta Club invitees are required to have and maintain a 90 cumulative grade point average.
  2. Students are selected by the Ardmore middle-school faculty according to the standards put forth in The National Beta Club Constitution and required local grade point average.
  3. A one-time fee of fifteen dollars is required.
  4. Officer Positions: Students wanting to be considered for an officer position must write an essay.  A team of faculty members and administrators will choose the officers. 
  • President: Filled by the elected Vice President of the preceeding year.
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Reporter(s)

Club Contact Sponsor and Contact: Sheri Campbell