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Senior High Beta Club

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Sr. Beta Requirements

Ardmore High School

Sr. Beta Club


Membership Requirements as stated in the The National Beta Club Constitution Art II, Sec. 3 are as follows: 

“Membership is a privilege and not a right.  The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be: (a) worthy, moral and ethical character, (b) good mentality, (c) creditable achievement, and (d) commendable attitude.  All students must be performing on or above grade level.” 

·         Ardmore Sr. Beta Club invitees are required to have a 90 or above average in the 4 core subjects upon completion of 1st semester of their 9th grade year and maintain a 3.75 cumulative grade point average.

·         Ardmore Sr. Beta Club invitees must be enrolled in at least 2 advanced classes for grades 9-12.

·         A one-time membership fee of fifteen dollars is required. 

·         A local membership renewal fee of five dollars is required the next school year. 

·         Active members must complete 12-15 community service hours.


Disqualification and Reinstatement as stated in The National Beta Club Constitution Art II, Sec. 9, “…members who fail to maintain a creditable record, or who give evidence of personal conduct unbecoming members of this club, may be disqualified from membership.  ’Personal conduct unbecoming members of this club’ includes, but is not limited to, criminal activity, violation of school rules, and other conduct which falls below the moral and ethical standards of the community.  However, the administrator may at any time and for reasons which appear to him to be sufficient, disqualify a member from the club.  A member may be reinstated, with no additional membership fee, when the administrator determines that the student is once again worthy of membership.”